Saturday, 12 August 2017

Some tips for passing the IELTS Exams in Nigeria

Many Nigerians like to attend the benefits of IELTS exam. Intentionally ignore the nominal influence of their written exam preparation. As a result, failure rate is already high. The exam history told us that the success rate is stuck near to 8 and 10 %.

In other words if 1000 person submit application for this test just 32 or 40 candidates cable to win the average marks. Now IELTS exam is held two times in Every Month. Mostly peoples are disappointed from this exam so their hopes must be re-established by providing them technical training aspect.
The settlement of IELTS writing 

This test is essential for those peoples who wish to move overseas for study or jobs especially English speaking countries. IELTS certificate holder-having benefit to apply for jobs in overseas. 
When an IELTS certificate holder enters in English countries like a student, he/she can also apply for work.In addition, this certificate gives a big benefit to an immigrant who needs to go any part of the residing country with no restriction. 

This exam require enough preparation and  observation said mostly students ignore the importance of this. They did not take the lectures before registration. So candidates must be attend lectures  and mock-up tests.

Lecturers, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers and Bankers are entitled to attain the IELTS exams. This is a good program providing career opportunity for skills peoples belonging from third world countries.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Practice Test for IELTS Academic Exam

Writing Test

Writing Task 1 (a graph)

Give your points about the main features Describe in the graph below

Students belong to Elementary School with aged group of 10 - 15 years having what kind of pets Graph show.

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

What is the value of immigration give the reason? Are immigrants live in your country? for the growth of any country Why are they important?

Cue Card

If you meet to  any interesting person. Please say
With whom you meet up?

 What is the interesting thing  about him/her?

Why  you choose this person?

Speaking Test 1

An Interview with student
Tell me your full name?

Can I check your ID?

From where you belong to?

Are you a Student or a job person?

Tell me something about your favorite place and give me the reason why you like it?

What is the major problem  of  your country?  How to solve this problem?

IELTS Discussion

Do you know what food wastage is?

How you see food wastage as a critical problem of your country?

How can we get rid of food wastage in our countries?