Wednesday, 16 January 2013

IELTS opinion for Writing and Speaking

Constructive Features of Advertisement

 Advertisement is a type of current skill
 Citizens like adverts
 With no Advertisement we would have less selection
 Without Advertisement there would be elevated joblessness
 Advertising is a resourceful business to utilize several people
 Advertisement is a answer of present trade
 Businesses want to advise clients regarding their products
 Advertisements notify us regarding the alternative we have

Destructive features of Advertisement

Advertisement spotlight on promote a product
It seek to convince people to purchase a product will compose them more contented
It control people
They apply fascinating, flourishing people
Children can simply be partial by advertisement.
Advertisers regularly plan their promotion on kids
We are optimistic to link convinced kind by an elevated category
Kids set demands on parents to purchase them item
We are influenced to chase the most recent fashion
We currently survive in a shopper society


Advertisement must be synchronized
It generate claim for result
Management must only repress bogus information or products that are dangerous
Conversely, advertising is needed for free market financial system
Products that be able to be hazard to health must present notice