Tuesday, 22 January 2013

IELTS writing for Band 9

I will illustrate to confirm the probable world illiteracy rate by gender and area for the year 2000. feminine illiteracy was greatly higher rather in each region excluding Latin America where it was only vaguely higher. The buck rates for female education were over Developed Countries.


This note was written by an IELTS inspector to give a case of a fine answer. Please keep in mind that there are further ways of imminent this question that is presently as good. The Academic Task 1 Writing is clear in three parts.

This mark rating you essentially on whether you have respond the problem or not. To reply this difficulty appropriately the examiner seem to be to see whether a story has been note down which wholly illustrate the bar chart with fitting, accurate element. As there is not a lot of information on the bar chart, a suitable sum of element here would be all the statistics for all the part. Looking over we see a statement has been twisted and that every point requisite is there and it is all correct. The word edge has as well been achieved. This would signify an excellent task performance band.

Vocabulary and Sentence Structure

by Vocabulary the assessor seem to be at the choice of words utilize and whether they are exercise in the right position and at the accurate time. By judgment Structure, the inspector seems to be at the grammar. The word alternatives in this report are good. Every words is clear, used in the accurate way and imply suitably. The syntax is also fine. The entire verb outline is correct and all the new grammar is appropriately used. The report would find an awfully fine Vocabulary and Sentence configuration band.

I absolutely know the point of view to learning is subsequently vital that student’s necessity be pressed as hard as probable to realize their best. It sound a good quality suggestion to only representation the students to educational focus as then they can expend all of their educate hours on revise part that will find them into university and good jobs afterward in time.

 I presently believe a further curved learning would construct an enhanced individual. We should consider too that a group of people, maybe even nearly all people.

(283 words) Estimated IELTS Writing Band 9

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

IELTS opinion for Writing and Speaking

Constructive Features of Advertisement

 Advertisement is a type of current skill
 Citizens like adverts
 With no Advertisement we would have less selection
 Without Advertisement there would be elevated joblessness
 Advertising is a resourceful business to utilize several people
 Advertisement is a answer of present trade
 Businesses want to advise clients regarding their products
 Advertisements notify us regarding the alternative we have

Destructive features of Advertisement

Advertisement spotlight on promote a product
It seek to convince people to purchase a product will compose them more contented
It control people
They apply fascinating, flourishing people
Children can simply be partial by advertisement.
Advertisers regularly plan their promotion on kids
We are optimistic to link convinced kind by an elevated category
Kids set demands on parents to purchase them item
We are influenced to chase the most recent fashion
We currently survive in a shopper society


Advertisement must be synchronized
It generate claim for result
Management must only repress bogus information or products that are dangerous
Conversely, advertising is needed for free market financial system
Products that be able to be hazard to health must present notice