Thursday, 11 August 2011

Fight for success in IELTS

2 month ago I get an message from Scholarship Commission regarding the association that I submit an application before. I was preferred as one of the participant, I can go to the subsequently stair that modify all my life while I have read the announcement. I have to master English fluently, it stand for a new world.

3 week past the announcement was published, I go to reenroll like research beneficiary aspirant to Germany. I go to using my motor car into 3 steps.

I arrived in Banda Aceh on Saturday and on . noticeably all departments act the equal traditional greeting for all new student coming.

On Monday I stay Society Resource Development Institute .

I go to Society Resource Development Institute at 2pm. I was upset by the announcement when I was reenrolling, there are lots of contributor were acknowledged as they have no adequate basis to remove them.

There are 100 applicant were preferred to track mater degree in Germany, however just 25 beneficiary will be learning in the Hitler country. So that LPSDM compose a few other abolition to cut the applicant. then we will be qualified English scholastic point in LPSDM for three months and who can’t realize the English talent object will be eradicate.

As we recognize the English make that demand to study in German 550. I simply have 500 as my most recent TOEFL ITP score, how I can’t be stunned if I identify I will be do away with?. Then I choose to obtain an demanding English course earlier than the teaching. My friends and my academic recommended I have to go to strip in Surabaya .

Friday night I went to city by car.I flew at 7am . I had to stay up to 1pm until get select up by my travel agent. I inwards at TEST English School at 5.30pm. In Surabaya the time plan is different, the sunup and night earlier so that all my actions are reorganize. Started from waken up and sleep at night should be finished earlier.

I use up much money to gain knowledge of English here, so that I have a goal. I chose IELTS class and my goal to get IELTS score for 7. There is no huge agreement.I wish one month is adequate for me to get my object, as I have to be taught start at 5.30am until 9pm. Have a nice knowledge time