Saturday, 16 July 2011

Learning English Through Pictures

Language learning is a very personal matter. We're trying to master a second language can never be compared with the absence of a language. This is the secret of mastering a second language. If you look in the right direction, it is very easy to learn English. In this post, especially those who are confused and perplexed teachers and textbook writers, and they are fighting hard to learn English, IELTS and TOEFL, which aims to.

Before you begin to learn a second language, as we learn our mother tongue.From very moment the eyes of a child and the ears start to think about work, people, animals and all things in his memory begins to record and play all dasoinu. Gradually, the child understand the relationship between image and sound that you hear older people use again and again as the same sound. The child still see and hear the sound of the "mother" of his mother or something, and the mother gave a good understanding of the relationship between image and sound. Our learning process is the starting point. The picture and sound always comes first. The sound is a shadow of the image. No picture, no shadow.

Learn all the words in your language that family members need. Now, use the following words and try to draw a family tree.Husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, parents, children, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, cousin brother, cousin sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

How Lecturers Can Help for ielts students

Education has become a booming industry, but not only, in the same time, developing countries make money supposedly to capture a share of the industrial economies. This article will give an overview of the two main problems faced by teachers in managing students and propose solutions to these problems.

The use of agents, especially in the third world and developing countries, the choice of students theoretical and study Despite of globalization and the Internet, many parents and students at an educational institution based on the marketing and storage of study, a view of forgetting the many pitfalls along the way through.

Often a broker sold more than a record of the student's situation will be really disappointed because we did not expect. Agents often paint a beautiful image of the institution and the students recognize how easy it is to convince the level of a particular organization.

It is recommended that educational institutions have been involved in the recruitment of its students, all students enrolled in international research and, of course, to ensure they are aware of all the details. The failure of the student to the risk of reputation of the institution and a good match for students to gain an internationally recognized education failed in his desire to achieve, it will be bad for both parties.

Course fees, course details, and assessment issues such as the problems facing payment acceptance methods, teachers should also be a good counselor. Teachers do not need to be an administrator to solve problems, but also on how the course content and delivery of assessment, requiring changes present significant challenges in maintaining the quality of training quality teachers to meet the needs of students.

English language skills

English courses open to international students is the main support of teaching, teachers often did not understand the English language for students. The conditions for entry into educational institutions to attract even more problems in terms of English language skills. Often, the results of students' skills in English language international standards, the results of tests, such as IELTS International Language Testing System  or TOEFL  test as specified in the test are not strictly necessary to meet the standard.

It is, therefore, especially if the institutions at the international level, is not to improve their English language must be submitted to other students. Help teachers to talk

slowly and teach using simpler words. Students should be encouraged to talk and discuss with the final score of the exam, and not only their motivation to participate in class discussions, but also to the understanding of the subject discussed in class brands.